PoniLove POV

Sweet FlutterPie Party 14 ENDS

After 89 panels of this, I really needed a break.

Sweet FlutterPie Party 13 Insanity ends, kindness returns, because I prefer it that way.

Yes this long series is finally coming to a close now.

Sweet FlutterPie Party 12 when madness turns into…….  Insanity?

Sweet FlutterPie Party 11 madness continues.

Sweet FlutterPie Party 10 And the madness begins.

Sweet FlutterPie Party 9 A new direction.

Fluttershy just had enough of this, and she won’t take it anymore!

Sweet FlutterPie Party 7

And Pinkie goes again.  I have been told that the color looks better in a dark room…  Turn your lights off and give it a try if you feel adventurous.

Sweet FlutterPie Party 6

The quick ink was received with mixed reviews.  One particular comment that interest me was that the quick inking loses the energy that the blue line has.  So now the blue lines are back!!!  I also emphasis on the mood and energy by using a different coloring style.  Let me know what you guys think.

Sweet FlutterPie Party 5 Color Redone.

I got quite a few “I missed the blue lines”, which probably has a lot more to do with me using my old color pallet.  So I went ahead, fixed the color pallet, and more or less recolored the whole thing.  This coloring takes longer of course, but hey at least it looks better.

I will leave the other one up so you guys can compare to difference.