PoniLove POV

Luna’s Secret 8 (End)

I guess you can’t really keep a secret with Royal Canterlot Voice.

Luna’s Secret 7

A rather large update.

Luna’s Secret 6

Possibly one of the most intimate position for our love deprived Luna.

Luna’s Secret 5

I guess it’s no surprise that Luna is a Screamer…..  With Royal Canterlot voice and everything.

Luna’s Secret 4

Are you ready for Luna opening up?  Because ready or not, here she comes!

Luna’s Secret 3

She was obviously being too formal and tense (even boring) and need to be more relaxed before sex.

Luna’s Secret 2

Because “I really like her mane”…

Luna’s Secret 1

So with generally positive review for this Luna, here’s the first set.  Magic Mane was added due to popular demand of making her hair longer.